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Darrell J Leamon, principal of Terra Pacific Development, is a veteran real estate investor/developer.  He has purchased, planned, entitled, and built residential subdivisions both as a principal and as an executive for major public homebuilders. Total acquisitions exceed $300 million in land resulting in approximately 11,000 dwellings and $11 billion in sales and resales.  His strengths include market research and analysis, project specific research and analysis, site acquisition, capital formation, and project entitlements in California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Approximately one-half of all acquisitions have been urban in-fill and/or rezone and repurpose as governments increasingly press to contain growth within their existing boundaries to densify their urban cores.

In highly constrained markets creating profits solely through construction is inadequate.  Land must make its own contribution to profits.  Value is often added through government issued entitlements.  Whether it be rezoning, subdividing, amending existing permits, improving on planned architecture, or solving an infrastructure problem, land should always contribute to the bottom line.

There is great satisfaction in fulfilling a vision that others may have not imagined.  Leamon’s mission is more than getting to “yes”.  He thrives on unlocking and maximizing the highest and best use of real estate.  This achievement will always result in both private and public benefit.


A full range of pre-acquisition, acquisition, planning, entitlement, capital formation and disposition services are offered on a fee basis.  All services include, as required, the management of third-party professionals such as engineers, architects and marketing consultants.  All services include, as required, private and public interface for presentations, workshops and statutory hearings.

Entitlements - In the highly politicized environment of urban growth gaining governmental approvals can be frustratingly slow and shockingly expensive. We must accept that a great idea is not always universally shared. Presentations are effective but listening to public will is the foundation to entitlement success. There is no substitute for an honest assessment of public desire and the effectiveness of their political leadership – before the acquisition. The correct approach to project entitlements is proactive, not reactive.

(including but not limited to):

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  • Agency Formations
    • General Plan Amendments
    • Annexations
      • LAFCO
      • Vote Campaign Coordination
  • Public Improvement Financing
    • Petition, Negotiate and Coordinate, as needed
      • 1915 Act Improvement Bonds
      • Benefit Districts
      • Mello Roos Districts
      • Special Assessments
      • Fees or performance in-lieu
      • Opportunity Zones
  • Zoning
    • Specific Plans
    • Rezoning
    • PD / PUD Approvals
    • Architectural Approvals
  • Subdividing
    • Tentative Map Approvals
      • Environmental Coordination (CEQA in California)
        • Negotiate Waivers and Exemptions
        • Negotiate Negative Declarations
        • Negotiate the Scope of Environmental Investigation (i.e. Supplemental EIR’s)
        • Manage Comprehensive EIRs
      • Negotiate Conditions of Approval
    • Common Interest Developments – Department of Real Estate
      • Coordinate / Supervise Preparation of HOA Documents
        • HOA Budgets
        • Reserve Studies
        • Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions
        • Articles of Incorporation
        • Corporate By-laws
        • Disclosures
        • Condo Map Approval / Phasing Approval
        • Issuance of Public Reports (pink and white, in CA)
    • Final Map Approvals / Recordation
      • Coordinate with Engineers
      • Coordinate with Utilities and Other Signatories
  • Political / Staff / Public Interface (present and / or coordinate)
    • Staff / Public Workshops
    • Community Meetings
    • Political Lobbying (Brown Act Compliant)
    • Public Hearings

Acquisitions & Dispositions - Besides understanding a project, the most important element of successful acquisition is to develop credibility with property Sellers. Transparency and good communication are key to great relationships. When due diligence goes awry, Sellers should be responsive to honest renegotiation. Respect for the Seller and faultless integrity will pay dividends in every acquisition.

DRE licensed in California, expert brokerage services are offered with a vast network of buyers, sellers, and broker relationships.

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  • Identify Opportunities
    • Market Research
      • Jobs / Housing Balance, trends
      • Affordability Indices, historical vs present
      • Absorption vs. Pipeline Inventory Analysis
      • Value Ratio Graphing
      • Identify Target Buyers
      • Identify of Best Product Fit
  • Project Analysis
    • Thorough and Dynamic Acquisition Proformas
      • Revenue Assessment
      • Cost Assessment
      • Cashflow and Work In Progress ("WIP") Analysis
    • Due Diligence
      • Political Assessment
      • Physical Assessment
  • Negotiate Purchase and Sale Agreements
    • Thorough and concise
    • Manage Legal Counsel
    • Self-drafting (as appropriate)
    • Responsive to Project Limitations
  • Develop Credibility with Seller
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Responsiveness
  • Title and Escrow Coordination
    • PTR Review
    • Resolve / Negotiate Title Issues
  • Dispositions
    • Expert evaluation from a Builder’s Perspective
    • Coordinate Marketing Materials
    • Supervise Target Marketing
    • Experienced Negotiation

Capital Formation - Investors need investments, but they are often unable to accumulate the capital or manage the asset. This is particularly true with relatively illiquid SFD investment. To attract capital, presentations must be flawless. An incomplete presentation will be interpreted by investors as a defective project or at least a defective sponsor. The opportunity must be clear through words and images. No project is perfect so, tough questions should be answered before they are asked. Transparency and communication are the only way to build investor confidence.

Properly presented, SFD investment resonates far better with small investors than typical brokerage offerings. Everyone understands that home ownership is the most predictable and popular path to financial security.

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  • Identification of Target Equity Investors / Lenders
  • Prepare and Present Investment and Loan Offerings
  • Negotiation of Operating Agreements
  • Negotiation of Loan Agreements
  • Title and Escrow Coordination


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